Abscence Sharpens Love, But Prescence Strengthens It

The Music In Us

Overthrowing Angels
                         (Camera slowly closes in on a hospital window at night, the scene through the window is of a silently screaming woman, long curly, strawberry blonde hair plastered to her face. A dark haired man, barely twenty-one sits with her back to his chest, half of his face is buried in her hair and his eyes peek out wide and scared. As the camera passes through the glass of the window the sound kicks in)
                        Emily: OWEN! DAMNIT OWEN!
                        Doctor (Male): Nice and smooth Em, nice and smooth, keep breathing.
                        Emily(pants): Sadie?
                        Doctor (Male): Almost here, just a little longer.
                        Owen (VO): The second most terrifying night of my life so far, went off like clockwork, if I can say that about my baby without sounding like a jerk. All of a sudden, we had a baby just like we expected and nothing was really thrown off beat.
                       (Rescreen: Owen sleeps with his head on Emily's bed, his hand joined with Emily's. Emily is also asleep, her long curly hair gone, her bald head covered by a black bandana.)
                       Owen (VO): Two months after Sadie's birth Em was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Two months later, she was dead.)
                       (Rescreen: A dark bedroom, early morning, blue light filtering through the blinds of a floor-to-ceiling window)
                       Sadie: (cries)
                       Owen: (groans sleepily and lifts himself from under the comforter of his bed and approaches the crib on the other side of the room, lifting Sadie from her crib and setting her against his shoulder.)
                       Owen (VO): Max and the guys cancelled  about a months worth of shows to give me time to adjust. I'll be surprised if anyone even remembers we exist when we finally get back on the road. Max comes over almost every day, and Sadie is there at every practice. Her first word will come out as a death metal scream I swear. ( Owen pads across the room to the small bathroom across the hall, and we see in the brighter light that he's barefoot and barechested. He shifts wide-eyed Sadie to his hip, and she shoves her fist into her drooling mouth. with his free hand he splashes water onto his face.) I can't wait untill Sadi can run around, just for the image of us all head banging a jumping up and down while a little baby in a pink onesy runs around and claps.

. . .
                         Brooklyn sat on the couch in the living room, bright red earphones peeking through light brown hair, and wondered why she even bothered. A creative itch she had never been able to fully scratch was once again trying to claw its way free, trying to find some relevant subject to dump it's endless twitches into. Spurts of color and words splashed against the walls of her skull, but she could never form them into coherent paragraphs. She knew people who could spill lyrics and poetry like she spilt water. They always said that she should trust the way the words came out of her head, that the best songs were always the most honest. But she couldn't help it that when she wrote her thoughts down they sounded stupid to her ears and the itch persisted.

Happy Birthday To Me!
Yay! I'm fifteen now!

Just a little starter premise to get my brain going
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The first time I saw Stephen, he painted a Hex sign on my right arm and I couldn't move my fingers for three hours.I shouldn't have expected any less, I was just lucky he didn't do anything more drastic than that. His parents called me when Stephen didn't come out of his room this morning. According to them he had been sitting in pitch black darkness since eight a.m. three days ago, though with all the attention they paid him, it had probably been a lot longer than that.They hoped he would get over it (whatever IT was) but by the following morning, he was still locked in his room. So they called (lord knows Stephens father wasn't happy about THAT). Stephen didn't seem any happier to see me than anyone else.Collapse )
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Random scenes that probably aren't going to make it into the actual book: Faerie

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next little bit of Fairie
              " Why? What's the problem?" Frank looked suspiciouse," This isn't another wild god hunt is it?" Collapse )

[black] [purple]

A little attempt I'm working on called " Fairie"

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